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We Craft Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Industry Specific Services

What works for other industries might not work for yours.
Every industry has its unique challenges. At Dafter, we offer tailor-made solutions for your enterprise.
Never compromise your business’s efficiency at any cost.

For Enterprises of Every Size

Whether you are a solopreneur or own a large enterprise, you will receive customized solutions for your business model.
With a focus on data ownership & privacy, our solutions are for enterprises of every size.

Holistic Approach to Digital Solutions

Our comprehensive digital solutions are the one-stop shop for your virtual office.
Our digital solutions rest on a bedrock of improved digital literacy and promoting open-source software with data ownership.


Digital Transformation For Your Enterprise Begins Here

It’s time to adopt changing technology if you want to change your work approach and outcome.
If you’re ready, Dafter will help you set things in motion.
Revive your business by packaging the potential of the latest technologies and seeding it into your business.

Systems Design


Dafter offers you modular and adaptive System Designs to specifically suit your needs.  This is not just about introducing new technology but also redesigning how we do things.

We focus on identifying and minimizing crucial bottlenecks and standardizing your business process like never before.

Communication Design


The right message brings the right results. And the design is a powerful tool to deliver your message. Visual design merged with strategic messaging can have a magnetic effect on your customer’s minds.

Dafter can easily help you create a design that not only tells your story but stimulates your audience to take the actions you want them to take.

Digital Infrastructure


Dafter offers you an upgraded Digital Infrastructure, which can make your digital operations smooth.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps you have a firmer grip on your data.

With us, you eliminate the fear of data breaches or any cybersecurity concerns and make digital collaborations safer and more accessible.

that aligns with your goals.


Rachel Cardy
Rachel Cardy
Siskey Productions
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The best thing about working with Dafter has been their ability to adapt and learn.

The best thing about working with Dafter is that they were able to understand and integrate my processes.

Ronak Majithia
Ronak Majithia
Namami Pharma
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Dafter helped us manage our client data and double up our customer outreach efforts. It was impressive working with Dafter and we always had 100% clarity on the direction we were headed in.
Madhura Kulkarni
Madhura Kulkarni
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I did not know what I needed until Sangram showed me what can be done with an e-commerce website. Dafter is the reason my business has grown. I was able to reach a customer base organically that even marketing campaigns couldn't help me achieve.
Neel Gandhi
Neel Gandhi
Solid Beverages
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The best part about working with Dafter is the transparency and support we received at every step. The solution we received has opened new avenues for Solids to scale and automate our business.

Our Commitments

Data Ownership

We are committed to handling our client data with utmost care and ensuring data ownership for our clients.

First-Party Data

In tune with the growing concerns surrounding data privacy and the use of third-party data, Dafter prioritizes the usage of first-party data.


We believe in nurturing long-term engagements with our partners. Dafter is committed to ensuring transparent, accountable and trustworthy conduct of business.

Would you like to generate high quality leads for your business consistently?