Our Approach

Lead Generation

Solutions, not temporary fixes

Dafter believes in providing sustainable solutions instead of temporary fixes. We recognize that each enterprise has its unique process. We work towards identifying specific challenges and roadblocks in each enterprise's operations, scaling, marketing, accounting, and planning and develop personalized, targeted solutions for them.

digital business that are globally connected

Digital-First Approach

To offer comprehensive digital solutions, we focus on ease of working and improved total experience (TX; customer experience + employee experience). Our solutions are designed as one-stop-shop virtual offices. We leverage AI, data, and automation to help organisations gain critical insights and deploy timely, effective solutions with a ‘digital-first’ approach.

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Digital Literacy

We recognise the growing concerns surrounding privacy and digital safety. Organisations are increasingly exposed to cyber attacks, ransomware, etc., due to a lack of digital ethics and know-how. Dafter promotes digital literacy across age and space.


Open-Source and Data Ownership

To promote transparency, accountability, and trust in business conduct, Dafter promotes the use of open-source code. We recognize the importance of data security and protection. Our solutions are geared towards ensuring data ownership and use of first-party data.

that aligns with your goals.

Our process that develops the organization



Take an overview of the current infrastructure of the organisation. Analyse their technology, people, and Processes.



Create an Organizational Diagram of the Digital Infrastructure. Identify the bottlenecks and pain points.



Solidify the organisation’s digital foundation. Develop the solution. Integrate it into the digital infrastructure.



Test run the solution. Iterate multiple versions and identify what works best. Deploy the best version. Monitor for growth, maintain and update periodically for reliance.

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