DX Bot

Your very own virtual assistant.

DX Bot is the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide outstanding customer service. 

About Dafter’s DX Bot

Delivering excellent customer service is essential for any business, but it can be challenging to keep up with the increasing demands of customers. This can be especially difficult for businesses with limited resources who lack the time and manpower to answer customer queries 24/7.

Dissatisfied customers can lead to lost revenue, negative reviews, and long-term damage to your business’s reputation. Don’t let your customer service fall short — provide your customers with a fantastic experience and make sure their inquiries are answered quickly and effectively.

DX Bot is the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide outstanding customer service. Our powerful omnichannel chatbot helps you streamline customer inquiries and interactions so that you can connect your customers with the answers they need quickly and easily. Take control of your customer service today — start using DX Bot now!

Omnichannel Chatbot

DX Bot allows efficient communication across multiple channels, saving time qualifying leads, nurturing them & answering repetitive questions.

Increase Conversion Rate

DX Bot helps you to increase your conversion rate by engaging customers in real-time on various social channels with personalized messages and offers.

Automate business communication

Keep your customers informed with automated reminders, status updates and account updates. With DX Bot’s omni-channel platform, customers are always in the loop!

WhatsApp Automation

With DX Bot’s WhatsApp automation technology, you can send automated messages directly to your WhatsApp contacts to promote products/services or answer frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently.


DX Bot leverages AI, natural language processing and machine learning to provide an intuitive and accurate automated response system for your business.


DX Bot makes it easy to integrate with over 300 platforms and services, such as Google Sheets, Hubspot, Zapier, Calendly, WordPress and Shopify.

API Support Available.

Additional Features

Conversion Rate Optimization​

By implementing CRO best practices and using data and analytics to guide decisions, businesses can significantly improve their conversion rates and drive more revenue from their website.

  • Convert your funnel visitors into leads and customers.
  • Analyze user behavior, A/B Test, and implementing best practices to ensure maximum conversion rates.
  • Drive more revenue without increasing your expenditure.

Remote Team & Digital Infrastructure

At Dafter, we believe in long-term partnerships, and hence we work as an extension of your team.

  • Strengthen your business foundations, build your brand and lower your digital business operation costs.
  • Just the right resource from Designers, Developers, Media Buyers, Experience Designers & Copywriters.
  • Get expert solutions and tech consultation to manage all your software needs.

Pricing Plans

Setup & Onboarding

A completely DFY Welcome Bot setup that acts as your business's digital assistant
$ 800 Base Price
  • Feature & Needs Assessment
  • Target Customer Profile
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Omnichannel Chatbot Setup
  • Industry Specific Workflow Implementation
  • Access to premium templates
  • Quality Analysis & Debugging
  • Conversation Data Backup & Retention
  • Integration Setup Assistance
  • Basic Legal Compliance

Starter Plan

Get hold of your digital conversations with DX Bot
$ 25 per month when paid annually
  • 1 Bot
  • 1000 Unique Conversations
  • 4 User Accounts
  • 11+ Social Channels Included
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Troubleshooting Support
  • User Roles & Access Management
  • Expert Consultation Call

Growth Plan

Set your business for success with DX Bot
$ 60 per month when paid annually
  • Everything in Starter Plan +
  • 5,000 Unique Conversations
  • Lead Funnel Design
  • Dynamic Chatflow
  • Nurture Sequence Setup
  • Contact Management & Segmentation

Pro Plan

Handle your digital conversations like a pro with DX Bot
$ 120 per month when paid annually
  • Everything in Growth Plan +
  • 11,000 Unique Conversations
  • Feedback Workflow
  • Round Robin Management
  • Dedicated Support Manager

Tech Stack & Integrations

Our Commitments

Data Ownership

We are committed to handling our client data with utmost care and ensuring data ownership for our clients.

First-Party Data

In tune with the growing concerns surrounding data privacy and the use of third-party data, Dafter prioritizes the usage of first-party data.


We believe in nurturing long-term engagements with our partners. Dafter is committed to ensuring transparent, accountable and trustworthy conduct of business.

Would you like to generate high quality leads for your business consistently?