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NGOs and Non Profits

Nonprofits are working hard to save the world, but they’re struggling to keep up. That’s because they’re using old tools and strategies that haven’t been updated in decades. With this solution, nonprofits can finally be more productive, scale more easily, raise more money, and accelerate their social impact.

Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit
Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit

How can Digital transformation help Nonprofits and NGOs?

Nonprofits and NGOs focus on creating an impact on the ground, but the administrative domain is becoming increasingly digital.

Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about the mindset. Non-profits need to embrace this change and start thinking like a business.

Our technological solutions enable NGOs to automate their administrative needs, manage donor relations, raise more funds and increase their volunteer base with minimal effort.


Donor Relationship Management

Donor Relationship Management (DRM) is a software solution for the Nonprofit Sector that helps nonprofits to better manage their donors and fundraising.

  • Centralized system for managing donor data, donations, and communications.
  • Track donor activity and generate reports.
  • Increase donor engagement, improve fundraising efficiency, and increase retention rates.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management and Onboarding

Volunteer management is an essential part of any nonprofit organization. Volunteer Management and Onboarding solutions help Nonprofits to automate the most tedious and time-consuming parts of tracking volunteer activity.

  • Automated volunteer onboarding using Learning Management System.
  • Streamlined volunteer managemen
  • Automated scheduling, tracking, and assigning tasks.

Fundraising Portal

Fundraising Portal with Campaign Automation

The fundraising portal is a self-service platform that enables non-profit organizations to raise funds and increase awareness of their cause.

  • One-stop shop for fundraising campaigns where the organization can create, manage and execute their campaign in one place.
  • Campaign automation tools to help organizations reach more supporters, run more efficient campaigns and measure the results.

Back Office Management

Back Office Management

Digital transformation is the key to success for many non-profits, which is why it's important that they find an easy and efficient way to digitize their workflows.

Back Office Portals have been an effective way to manage non-profit organizations’ back office operations. They offer a unique way of managing organizations and allow them to operate more efficiently.

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Technology Grants

Non-profit organizations can use technology grants to take their digital transformation one step further.Non-profit organizations are not always in a position to spend money on the latest technological developments.

  • Take advantage of grants like ‘Google for Nonprofits’ Tech Grants Program’, which offer up to $10,000 in funding for NGO operations and scaling programs.
  • AWS Server Credits for 2 years - Upto $2000 AWS or Azure Server Credits.
  • Cloud subscription – ‘Microsoft for Nonprofits’.


Social Media Automation & Community Building

Today, Social Media is one of the most important channels for Nonprofits to connect with supporters, donors and volunteers. Social media automation is a great way for NGOs to reach their target audience and build a community of supporters. It enables organizations to rationalize the time they spend on social media and focus on mission-critical work.

  • Automate and schedule posts.
  • Manage and monitor social media accounts.
  • Identify new followers and monitor engagement.

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Sweet! What are your main reasons for needing a transformation?

It's helpful to set SMART goals as it keeps all of us on the same page and moving in the same direction.

What are the top 3 needs of your business?

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Our process that develops the organization

Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit


Take an overview of the current infrastructure of the organisation. Analyse their technology, people, and Processes.

Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit


Create an Organizational Diagram of the Digital Infrastructure. Identify the bottlenecks and pain points.

Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit


Solidify the organisation’s digital foundation. Develop the solution. Integrate it into the digital infrastructure.

Nonprofit,donor management,volunteer management,non-profit


Test run the solution. Iterate multiple versions and identify what works best. Deploy the best version. Monitor for growth, maintain and update periodically for reliance.

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