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We offer affordable, customizable property management software that will take your real estate business to the next level. 

Systems Design
Systems Design

How can Digital transformation help Real Estate Businesses?

Growing your business in the digital age is tough. That’s why we create a productivised service that uses the latest in AI and machine learning to automate your marketing and sales, grow your social media presence, increase your lead generation, and turn that pipeline into paying customers. The result? More leads, more sales, and more satisfied customers.

Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

As real estate agents are increasingly adopting digital transformation, they need to adopt marketing automation solutions to stay competitive.

Appointment booking automation can help them manage their time more effectively and increase their productivity.

  • Automated appointment booking
  • Client Profiling and management
  • Higher Lead Recall

Lead Generation

Leads Generation

Lead generation is an important part of the sales funnel. It is the process of generating leads and nurturing them to convert into customers.

  • Simplify your sales funnel
  • Strong online presence, effective digital marketing strategy,
  • strengthen lead-generation process


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a way to create and send targeted emails, texts, or social media posts to prospects and customers. It can also be used to analyze data about site visitors or customer behavior in order to send them personalized messages about products or services they might be interested in.

  • Targeted campaigns and qualified leads.
  • Analyze and measure the results of your marketing campaigns.
  • Skip Trace phones, Emails, Social Profiles. Send DMs, Emails, Texts and Broadcasts.

Real Estate Industry

Property Management

Digital transformation is a process of changing the way a company does business and operates in the digital age. It is a shift from traditional to modern ways of doing things, like using technology to automate manual processes.

Real estate agents are now able to generate leads and manage properties from their mobile devices.

Discover How Dafter Can Help You With Your Business?

Sweet! What are your main reasons for needing a transformation?

It's helpful to set SMART goals as it keeps all of us on the same page and moving in the same direction.

What are the top 3 needs of your business?

e.g. Setup a consistent & predictable system to generate qualified leads, Become an Authority in your niche, Systemize internal processes and reduce bottlenecks

Our process that develops the organization

Systems Design


Take an overview of the current infrastructure of the organisation. Analyse their technology, people, and Processes.

Systems Design


Create an Organizational Diagram of the Digital Infrastructure. Identify the bottlenecks and pain points.

Systems Design


Solidify the organisation’s digital foundation. Develop the solution. Integrate it into the digital infrastructure.

Systems Design


Test run the solution. Iterate multiple versions and identify what works best. Deploy the best version. Monitor for growth, maintain and update periodically for reliance.

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